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Mold in the apartment

Mold in the apartment – Where do microorganisms come from?

Anyone who can diagnose any of the problems mentioned above should regularly inspect for mold. This roommate is not only unsightly, he also makes ill. Children, elderly and weakened people, as well as allergy sufferers are particularly affected. Removing the mold is possible with the correct technique or even home remedies.

In order to get rid of the mold, it must first be discovered. Listed below is where residents need to search in the living room.

Mold removal on the wallpaper

The mold on the wall paneling must be removed generously. This will remove affected and adjacent lanes. When doing this work, the fungus should be whirled up as little as possible. If the fabric below the wallpaper is also affected, an expert can help.

Before cleaning, it is advisable to find the cause. Maybe there is also a hidden water damage.

Remove mold on the wall

Wood or concrete is irrelevant to the mold. As a rule, the outer walls are affected. In a superficial occurrence, the mold can be wiped off and removed as described later. The deeper the microorganism has burrowed into the wall, the more important is the contact with a specialist company.

If the mold has finally succeeded, regular renewal of the air and prevention must not be neglected.

Discover and eliminate mold in the cellar

A special situation often occurs with mold in the basement. Lower temperatures and the storage of food, make for a musty smell. Especially in summer sufficient ventilation is essential. However, this is a danger at the same time. Because the cold walls and the wet heat from the outside often only provide mold.

The oxygen change should therefore be carried out early in the morning before the day warms up. In a particularly hot interval should be waived for a while on fresh air in the basement. If a fungus nevertheless develops, the removal of mold takes precedence.

Clean mold in the bedroom

There is no place where residents like the dry rot less. The children’s room is included in the area of ​​the bedrooms. Speed ​​is getting rid of the mold and in finding the cause of the infestation asked.

Man breathes and sweats. This creates moisture. If this can not escape, it accumulates on the outer walls. With a discovered mold plants and aquariums are to be cleared out of the room. Wall and furniture should be separated from each other.

Attention: If it smells musty in the bedroom, then look behind the furniture to see if the mushroom spreads!

Mold in the bathroom and in the shower

Joints, window putty and window frames in the toilet provide the perfect breeding ground for black mold. Also rubber and rubber seals can be affected. Tiles have the advantage that the fungus can only hold it badly. Wood and wallpaper, however, are often affected and should be avoided in the bathroom if possible.

In particular, if there is no fresh air supply, even mold in the shower itself. The joints and floor area should be checked regularly. Stuck mold can be removed with a brush or a pointed object. At the beginning, a rag is often enough.

Get rid of mold – windows and furniture

After cooking or showering, the moisture often collects on the glass. Thermal bridges, bad insulation, can cause fungi. When it is cold outside, this infestation occurs very often. Wooden frames also provide a good breeding ground.

For furniture, it must first be checked whether the mold has grown directly on the upholstery. Perhaps there is only contamination by spores from the air. Here could be enough suction with the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, check how deep the mold is and whether it makes sense to remove it.

Attention: Mold can also occur in unusual places, such as in the car, on the convertible top, on the wooden ceiling, in the stroller or in the tent!

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