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Mold remover

With mold remover small scale mold can be removed well from wallpaper and walls. Here it is necessary to perform a material test beforehand. So before you start you should test on a small spot, whether discoloration, fading by the mold remover occur. Mold removers (also known as “mold ex”) are used in well-ventilated rooms. In mold removal, these chemical agents are almost indispensable. Removing mold without effective chemical substances usually leads to new mold. Of course, the cause of the mold must always be found. If the cause of mold infestation is not cleared up, even the best mildew remover, mildew spraysdo not help permanently. As a home remedy, an alcohol solution can in many cases already help (ask at the pharmacy, eg isopropanol).

Can I remove any mold myself?

We advise against removing large scale mold yourself . Please look for a specialist company that can support you professionally. Our mold removal equipment is designed for smaller infestations. Your health is going!

Remove mold without health risk

Not only for people with pre-existing conditions or allergies , our assembled mold removal kit is a really good basis that you can remove mold from wallpaper, walls and other surfaces without health risk.
Mold spores are barely or not visible to the naked eye. If you remove this mold, there is a risk of exposure to a large amount of spores and the accompanying substances due to mold. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the distance sufficiently. In the removal kit you will therefore find everything you need for self-protection: a coverall, goggles, breathing mask and gloves. A small guide to mold removalis also included. All products are tested and of brand quality. The practical set also gives you a special price. They are thus cheaper and get everything in one package. So is the safe mold removal.

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