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Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen –

Obra Kinderland Neukirchen an der Vöckla

The Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen an der Vöckla was opened on June 19, 2010 with a big party. Of course there was a lot of music, speeches and even a funny clown provided one or the other surprise. The Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen in Upper Austria is a real play paradise for the whole family. There are many attractions here for big and small children, but adults should also wear comfortable shoes in Obra Kinderland, because parents and children can romp around, climb and just have fun together all day here. And that makes the Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen an ideal destination for a family outing when the weather is nice.

Obra stands for quality

That was done Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen from Obra Design, the largest manufacturer of toy devices in Austria.

The company was founded in Neukirchen an der Vöckla in the early seventies and today stands for toy equipment of the highest quality. The company’s great and imaginative systems can now also be found in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary and Romania.

The ultimate children’s playground

Obra amusement park in Neukirchen an der Vöckla

Still that is Children’s playground from Obra in Neukirchen something very special, because on the large facility you will find the various attractions in a concentrated space. Embedded in a pretty complex there are climbing towers, a castle, a wide variety of seesaws, swings and slides. Suitable for both small and large children. But it’s not just the individual devices that ensure fun and variety. In the mine you can dig and shovel to your heart’s content and wash gold in the nearby stream. You can almost jump up to the clouds on the colorful bouncy cushion, which is really a lot of fun. Even if the man or woman is a bit taller. Every child loves water. And so it is no wonder that there is a small river from the source to the lake. The children can accumulate the water in different places or redirect it in other ways. And the small lake can be crossed by raft or ferry. Rubber boots, changing socks and a towel should therefore be in the luggage when families visit the Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen.

Interesting facts about the Obra Kinderland

Obra children's playground in Neukirchen

The Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen is an ideal alternative to televisions, computers and the like and is really great fun. You can stay here all day without hesitation. To visit the Obra Kinderland in Neukirchen, children up to 2 years do not pay admission, adults € 6.00 and children between 2 and 15 years pay € 5.00. Family cards offer one or the other discount. In the adjacent Frodlhof restaurant, you can fortify yourself in between and have a small snack or a full meal. More information at:

Pictures and photos from Obra Kinderland

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