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Poggenpohl Collection 2021: creative metamorphosis of the traditional brand

Poggenpohl Collection 2021: the luxury kitchen manufacturer reinvents itself (again) and brings an unusual extroverted design line out. With hip Terrazzo, spectacular Lava rock and more colorful Glass ceramic the brand is making a loud comeback.

Around Poggenpohl it was quiet for a long time – but the oldest kitchen manufacturer in Germany is willing to change that. After the company from Herford in East Westphalia received a Chinese investor was bought, the Luxury brand To be completely reinvented in 2021 – or at least for yourself international trends to open. After Poggenpohl-Küchen has so far been one linear optics with high standards and muted tones followed, this year the company presents itself with a extroverted collection, almost a Image change equals.

Skip ahead in the article to jump straight to the news from the Poggenpohl Collection 2021 to get:

1 terrazzo kitchen block made of Nero Portoro

2 Worktop made of dark red Rosso Lepanto natural stone

3 surfaces made of lava rock and recycled glass

4 shades of white: light kitchens reinterpreted

5 organization and shelving systems

“Spotting New Dimensions”: this is the motto of the Poggenpohl 2021 collection. In fact, one gets the impression that the designers have taken on new courage exalted designs for an international audience to try.

Ocean-blue lava stone with smooth enamel: Poggenpohl makes extroverted design statements in the 2021 collection. (Photo: Poggenpohl)

It seems to be precisely this combination that is inherent in the magic of this new beginning: Even after the takeover of the Chinese luxury fittings manufacturer Jomoo, Poggenpohl continues to produce exclusively in Germany. They also wanted to remain loyal to the brand positioning at the top Premium segment. What seems new, however, is the openness to international trends, the courage for stylish opulence and a creative ease in the imagery. In the end, was the traditional brand perhaps spurred on by the fresh breeze from the Far East?

Poggenpohl collection 2021, part 1: monolithic terrazzo kitchen block made of Nero Portoro

In his new Kitchen block made of Nero Portoro Poggenpohl provides that Trendy material terrazzo In focus: Originally known as Mediterranean flooring, the decorative material is currently enjoying a successful comeback.

Poggenpohl dedicates one to the noble terrazzo sculptural blockwhich seems to be completely encased by the stone slabs. In fact, the terrazzo slabs are used in elaborate manual work folded around the body, the result looks like it has been cut from a block. The monolithic look is rounded off by Semi-circular handlesthat also look as if they were carved straight out of the stone.

Poggenpohl Collection 2021: Terrazzo kitchen block, made of Nero Portoro by Poggenpohl

The basis for the terrazzo slabs is the noble marble stone Nero Portoro from Liguria. Its filigree, honey-colored grain makes the material one of the most sought-after decorative stones in the world. For the terrazzo look, granulates of the rock in different sizes, textures and colors are mixed with pigments and resins and processed into panels.

However, the disadvantage of the luxurious natural stone is its high level Sensitivity to acids and scratcheswhich only qualifies it to a limited extent for use in harsh everyday kitchen conditions. Stone manufacturers such as SapienStone from Italy have therefore developed surfaces made of hard-wearing ceramics, which in a patented process with filigree Marble look can be printed and thus combine appearance and functionality in perfect harmony. These could be used, for example, for the sensitive area of ​​the worktop.

Worktop made of dark red Rosso Lepanto

Another novelty exclusive natural stone: In the Poggenpohl 2021 collection, the kitchen island + MODO made of eucalyptus wood is presented in combination with an opulent worktop made of dark red Rosso Lepanto, also from Liguria. The exclusive marble is particularly characterized by its fiery red color which is criss-crossed with filigree veins in black and white.

Poggenpohl Collection 2021: Worktop made of Rosso Lepanto by Poggenpohl

With a sinus joint, the massive stone blocks are invisible to form a gigantic, elongated cuboid connected. The fiery red stone evokes associations with Roman opulence, expressionistic joy and fiery passion. Combined with the Kitchen island made of eucalyptus veneer, which is stained in warm chestnut brown, creates a harmonious contrast.

Poggenpohl Collection 2021, Part 3: Surfaces made from lava rock and recycled glass

To stick with spectacular surfaces: with the ocean blue one Enamelled lava stone worktop Poggenpohl succeeded in creating another novelty of intense charisma. Created from real lava stone with a bright blue glaze, an extraordinary material is created that evokes memories of happy days by the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

The rock from the Auvergne is smoothed in firing processes and at over 1000 ° Celsius sealed with glass enamel. The living surface looks like flowing magma from which the rock was formed around 11,000 years ago.

Surface made of enameled lava stone from Poggenpohl

The base cabinets off brushed spruce tree with a black surface give the sturdy worktop a balanced calm and form a stylish foundation with precision craftsmanship, as one is used to from Poggenpohl. The new “Frame 75” series is veneered so that one is vertical solid grain is visible. Thanks to the technique of brushing, the grain is deliberately prominent.

Even with the new matt green front + VENOVO Poggenpohl proves the courage to use color and uses a particularly sustainable material: the worktop is made of recycled, green Broken glass that are elaborately sintered and merge into a crystalline surface. The matt green fronts have an iridescent Metallic effect a design highlight in the kitchen area.

Depending on the incidence of light, the green tone of the opaque surfaces changes and shows the whole variety of a dreamy world of colors that is reminiscent of distant olive groves in the south – and at the same time has a highly elegant effect.

Poggenpohl Collection 2021, Part 4: Nuances of white – light kitchens reinterpreted

That white kitchens Poggenpohl proves with his Reinterpretation bright kitchens in the form of innovative surfaces and materials. Glass and cement, stainless steel and light aluminum – create extraordinary materials exciting optics, Haptics and textures.

New worktop made of hot-rolled stainless steel from Poggenpohl
Worktop made of hot-rolled stainless steel: the metallic colors correspond to the clarity of the white tones of the cupboards. Sink and cooking area fit seamlessly into the surface. (Photo: Poggenpohl)

Dealing with glass, aluminum, concrete or stainless steel in the kitchen is certainly not new: High quality kitchen manufacturers like bulthaup or Valcucine, the materials have long been established in the kitchen. The expansion of Poggenpohl’s portfolio is still exciting: in combination with the consistent linear architecture, followed by the designs of the luxury kitchen brand, a new one is emerging Planning variety with a clear signature.

The new worktop looks unusual – and sustainable white glass ceramic an: In a complex sintering process recycled broken glass fused into a crystalline structure. The random order of the fragments makes each plate unique and looks like it was made by hand.

Poggenpohl Collection 2021: worktop made of white glass ceramic with mother-of-pearl
Aesthetic and sustainable at the same time: After use, the material can be returned to the glass production cycle. (Photo: Poggenpohl)

Poggenpohl collection 2021, part 5: new organization and shelving systems

In 2021, Poggenpohl will also be orienting itself towards the big trend of kitchen manufacturers, with their furniture increasingly in the Living area to advance. With the new, open “Array 170” shelving system The kitchen and living room can be stylishly delimited from light metal profiles without losing any of the visual width.

The maximum span of the subjects is 120 centimeters, with the rather low one Depth of 17 centimeters the shelf maintains a minimalist image. It’s more likely to come to you Type case the same, in which decorative objects find space: the depth is likely to be too tight for real storage space.

Also the new one Showcase system expands the Poggenpohl portfolio with a relaxed, homely component for the kitchen, dining room and living room. Glare-free and glow from the front dimmable LEDs the interior evenly and put your favorite pieces in the limelight. The design of the doors also offers a surprising variety: stand for the panel Glasses in five tones and densities to choose from, which are inserted flush into the frame.

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