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In everyday life there is not really much time left for us as a couple. Often there is simply no time between job, family, household and everyday madness. As a rule, we are already in the process of scheduling our week on Sunday. Who is at home when, who has which appointment and when, who can bring the child to kindergarten, who can pick it up, what about Anni – there are appointments. Shopping in the evening, you rush through the front door, shopping on the left, the little child on the right, the chaotic household kills you. You could also clean again. I’ll be honest when I say that when we’re both at home we just fall back to bed. And it is not uncommon for us to be so exhausted and tired that it is not even enough for a proper conversation. We just lie there, look at each other or not, read or not or fall asleep every second.

Not that long ago we still had our “Date Nights” on a regular basis. Evenings when only the two of us went out. Henry and me. To the movies. Eat in the restaurant. Drink cocktails. Shopping. Just things that give us joy. Without children, without obligations. And yes, we tried to do that every two to three weeks. That worked well too. At the moment, however, we can only dream of it. And I miss it, honestly. How often do I wish for an evening togetherness. With cleaning up and anticipation. Put on red lipstick, put on high shoes. Sitting across from him while eating and holding hands. Nobody at the table who will knock the glass over again as reliably as the amen in church. Since I returned from Indonesia, I had planned to go to the cinema. Nothing has happened so far.

On the penultimate Sunday afternoon we spontaneously booked a vacation. In the evening of the same day we are already going. That was a wonderful and relaxing vacation. A break for us as a family. Far away from the hustle and bustle, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Dreamlike. We will live on this vacation for a long time to come. But there wasn’t much time for us here either. Two girls, different interests – you want to give the children an unforgettable time with lots of attention. And in the evening, everything is as always. You fall into bed dead tired. The day before we left we were lucky enough to have half an hour’s rest. For us. Holding hands we sat in front of the small osteria with a view of beautiful Tuscany. We drank coffee and nibbled on goodies. About 30 minutes, that might not be a lot. But that half an hour was so precious and valuable to us. I felt very clearly how much I missed that. Time with my favorite man. So real quality time, far away from talking about diapers, daycare, leisure activities and Co.

Couple time is so important. Pay attention to yourself. Get out of your lottery clothes, out of your four walls. Look each other in the eye again, sit across from each other, share body contact, lean on, laugh together, do something good for each other. That welds together and parents in particular should not neglect this important break from parenting. Because that is what matters, that is the basis. A happy couple are better parents than a team.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do again. Create time out for us.

And how do you do it?
How do you take time out as a couple?

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How far am i

Yesterday was the turn of the week again and I am now in the 25th week of pregnancy. Two weeks passed in a flash. In general, at the moment I have the feeling that the days are just tearing apart and at a pace that I can no longer keep up with. It could stay a little so beautiful. The stomach isn’t too heavy yet, I feel good and in general – I feel fabulous.

Hello fat belly, weight?

The stomach has also grown this week, for sure. I seriously wonder where this belly is still going. Somebody feels pretty comfortable there and grows eagerly. I know, I repeat myself: But isn’t it a miracle to expect a baby every time? A new person just grows in my stomach, I think it’s so incomprehensible, so incomprehensibly beautiful.

Maternity wear?

A Maternity jeans from Sweden has moved in. Somehow I had to find pants. Especially since my skirts, which are not pregnancy fashion, are gradually all becoming too scarce. Sometimes I can no longer close the zips under my chest. Too bad. A large part of my wardrobe will soon be lost.

Newcomers for the baby?

We bought a few parts on our Tuscany vacation. Sugar-cute onesie and a cute shirt. I’m completely in love with our little booty. And the thought that our baby will be in there very soon is still totally unreal. It was actually our first vacation with five people. Tomorrow I would like to buy a mattress and I also have to order the extra bed.

Do I have stretch marks?

My navel is tight and quite red. As if it was being stretched a little. I struggle with stripes in every pregnancy. It was really bad for Mimi, but her stomach was just huge. I now oil a little more and have been taking something for a few weeks to strengthen the connective tissue. Because, unfortunately, my connective tissue is not that great.

How do i sleep Sleep behavior?

Sometimes very good, sometimes rather bad. I slept like a rock on vacation. So relaxing and deep. When Mimi waddled into the room in the morning, I was always totally relaxed and fit. That was really good. But sometimes I have a little restlessness at night. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s there. Fortunately, that’s very limited at the moment.

My favorite moment of the week

The vacation, actually every moment on vacation. The family time, the wonderful food, the good weather. We enjoyed every day so much. Without a big plan, we just let it go. City trips, evening trips or just lonely hours on our property in the mountains. Mimi speaks a lot and new words are added every day. That is very touching to see. Then the hours in the evening that Henry and I just lay in bed. With a book in hand, his hand on his stomach. No appointments, no pressure, nothing. The vacation was just a great idea.

Was there a moment of shock this week?

No, thank God not a single one.

Do I feel child movements?

Definitely. This little human being is powerfully active. And I imagine that it already has a tendency for a rhythm. Always around shortly before midnight z. B. it is awake and is busy moving. The movements have also become much stronger in the last few weeks. The tummy wobbles and dances and I can often see which side the baby is on.

Do I have food cravings?

Cravings is my middle name. I’m always hungry. And one of the kind: Aaaaargh, give me something to eat or I’ll eat you up. Including bad mood and everything. And in general, I can’t get past any ice cream. Barbecue in the morning, yes. Ice cream at night, double yes. But there is also an appetite for fresh and healthy foods such as vegetables. The body gets what it needs. It’s exciting to see.

Do I have aversions to certain foods, smells or the like?

No None.

Are there any first signs of birth?

No signs of birth. The stomach is calm, everything is as it should be. Even practice contractions can hardly be felt.

Any symptoms?

I’m doing pretty well. The only thing I’ve had since yesterday is heartburn and that’s really bad. Apparently I’ve never had heartburn like this before? The whole throat was on fire. I am also a little short of breath and have to burp all the time. But otherwise I’m lucky and got off lightly so far. No fat legs, no real back pain, nothing. Only my skin on the back and in the neckline doesn’t really work – pimple alarm.

Belly button, in or out?


Current mood?

Pretty relaxed, pretty happy, pretty satisfied.

Somehow I’m a little scared that I’m ready now. I mean, seventh month of pregnancy. That means we will soon be preparing for the birth here. It will be pretty exciting again, I think.

Yes, and otherwise I’m really pretty happy that everything is the way it is. If this continues, I’ll be lucky.

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