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Many parents-to-be want to travel back to the time before the birth in intimate togetherness. But what should be considered when you traveling pregnant and what goals are suitable. We took a closer look at the topic of vacation during pregnancy and found out the following:

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A vacation in the pregnancy is often accompanied by a series of questions. For example, the question of whether it makes sense to book a flight during pregnancy.

Pregnant on vacation

Basically, experts advise against flying during pregnancy before the 14th week of pregnancy (14th week of pregnancy). The reason for this is the very high radiation exposure and the high risk of miscarriage. You should also ensure that medical care for you and your unborn baby is guaranteed in the holiday destination. Important: if you are traveling pregnant, always have the mother-child pass with you!

Pregnancy and vacation

A Travel in pregnancy should primarily serve rest and relaxation. Avoid stress, too much action and all sports where falls and the like could lead to serious injuries. Midwives recommend Pregnant women primarily walking, light hiking, yoga, belly dancing and of course swimming. Experts also advise expectant mothers to exercise restraint when it comes to the topic of sauna during pregnancy. Unless you have been going to the sauna for a long time, so that your body is already used to the strong temperature stimuli.

Hotel for pregnant women

Are you looking for a hotel for pregnant women? Nothing easier than that! In Austria and Germany there are already a number of Wellness hotels for pregnant women. These are characterized by qualified programs for pregnant women and applications that are adapted to the special needs of pregnancy. The best example of this are the so-called New Life Hotels (see: which are also officially recommended by the Austrian Midwives Committee.

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