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Prostate cancer is often more aggressive and less favorable

Younger men: more aggressive prostate cancer – unfavorable course

In the age groups under 54, 55 to 59 and 60 to 69 years, around 60 percent of all men had prostate cancer at high or very high risk or their cancer had already metastasized.

In addition, younger men under 54 years of age had a higher risk of dying from prostate cancer than men between 60 and 69 years of age. This tendency applied to all risk groups – whether high and very high risk or metastatic prostate cancer. For men with a low or medium risk of an unfavorable course of the disease, however, the connection could not be demonstrated.

In addition, compared to any age group, young men with high-risk prostate cancer were most likely to receive additional cancer therapies within 180 days of completing initial treatment. This is necessary when a second tumor has formed.

If prostate cancer hits men under the age of 54 and they also develop high-risk or metastatic prostate cancer, it could be more aggressive than any other age group, ”the researchers conclude.

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