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Hobs with a downdraft extractor have long since become the technical – and optical – standard in modern kitchen planning. Siemens crowns this development with the new one inductionAir Plus: a very modern one Induction hob with integrated Downdraft fanthat meets the highest design standards. With the 60 centimeters A wide new addition to the product family, small base units now also benefit from the enjoyable luxury of cooking without an extractor hood.

Open kitchens with flowing transitions between living, eating and cooking are the status quo of modern architecture. It goes without saying that extractor hoods disturb the unobstructed view of the room – and the desire for hobs with integrated ventilation thus growing steadily. With inductionAir Plus, Siemens provides design-savvy kitchen owners with a highly efficient and aesthetic solution 2in1 device.

In the inductionAir Plus, the downdraft ventilation is flush-mounted into the glass ceramic: for this, the designers received one of the coveted iF awards in Berlin in 2020. (Photo: Siemens)

“All Black”: minimalist design all in black

Compared to its predecessor “inductionAir”, which was presented in 2017, “inductionAir Plus” has a noticeable quality Design upgrade experienced and still presents itself now straighter: The downdraft trigger is flush embedded in the black glass ceramic and therefore creates a flat and minimalist image. InductionAir Plus meets the current “All Black” trend, which increasingly dresses kitchen appliances in black with all visible details. Cleaning is also easier, because the frame and bezels are no longer necessary and no dirt can collect.

For the Touch display stand 30 centimeters wide available – however, only those functions are displayed that are currently required. One finger is enough to control the hob and extractor. Red display font guides the user through the functions in a high-contrast and clear manner.

One finger is sufficient to operate the highly sensitive dual lightSlider. (Photo: Siemens)

Siemens inductionAir Plus: 60, 70 and 80 centimeters wide

With the latest addition in 60 centimeters wide The premium hob is no longer reserved for particularly spacious kitchen areas, but can also be integrated into narrow cabinets. The compact version is supplemented by versions in 70 and 80 centimeters wide – With its inductionAir Plus, Siemens therefore serves all standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets and gives the customer complete freedom of planning.

Installation depth: Siemens beats BORA with 37 centimeters more storage space

Compared to the competition, the inductionAir Plus takes up very little space in the cabinets below: 23 centimeters downwards are sufficient to install the technology behind the hob. For comparison: BORA recommends a depth of at least for its Classic, X Pure, Pure and Basic models 60 centimeters. With the inductionAir Plus, only the top pull-out has to be covered and it hardly works valuable storage space lost.

To install the ventilation technology under the inductionAir Plus, 23 centimeters are sufficient. This leaves a maximum of storage space. (Photo: Siemens)

Induction hob with full flexibility: varioInduction with combination induction

The technology behind inductionAir Plus is convincing maximum flexibility: Depending on the model, the hobs are equipped with vario induction or combination induction. vario induction automatically detects the size and shape of pots and pans. If you need more space, for example for a roaster, you can enlarge the cooking zones via Combination induction to an extra-large hob at the touch of a finger.

Pots and pans can be used when cooking thanks varioMotion can be moved back and forth on the hob as desired without losing the heat supply.

Three cooking zones help you prepare extensive dishes: keep warm at the back, simmer in the middle and fry at the front. (Photo: Siemens)

Another convenient function that Siemens powerMove Plus allows the hob to be divided into three heat zones: keep warm at the back, simmer in the middle and fry at the front. Who likes various components and multi-course menus prepared, should look forward to an even nicer cooking experience with this skill.

Cooking point guarantees: Frying Sensor Plus and Cooking Sensor Plus

Those who cook often know: the right one Cooking point is the key to culinary success. In order to cook meat, fish, vegetables and co temperature in the pot and pan. The Frying sensor plus and the Cooking sensor plus from Siemens support the user with highly developed sensors: The Frying Sensor Plus detects what is in the pan during frying and holds the right one Constant temperature.

Even dishes that are im pot be prepared benefit from the well thought-out functions of the inductionAir Plus. Here Siemens once again impresses with the user-friendly maxim: Everything can, nothing has to. If necessary, the user can expand his device with the separately available one Cooking sensor plus, which is attached directly to the pot and via Bluetooth communicates with the hob. The sensor detects the temperature set by the user and prevents overcooking through intelligent countermeasures.

Exhaust air or circulating air: what should it be?

The customer also experiences flexibility with the Ventilation type: inductionAir Plus runs optionally in Recirculation or exhaust air mode. A practical function when you consider that the type of ventilation in an existing kitchen space is usually predetermined by the structure. In exhaust air mode, vapors and odors are led outside through a wall duct.

In recirculation mode, the used air runs through one Activated carbon filter and is returned to the room cleaned. Siemens is also free to choose the air circulation technology: inductionAir Plus can also be used unguided air circulation operate. This is particularly beneficial for small kitchen spaces with a worktop depth of 60 centimeters or more. Speaking of ventilation: a sensor monitors the ventilation permanent and automatically adjusts the ventilation performance to the cooking behavior. When the cooking process is finished, inductionAir Plus switches to the for 10 minutes Post-ventilation mode and then switches the ventilation off automatically.

The inductionAir Plus downdraft hood is optionally available in a circulating air or an exhaust air configuration. (Photo: Siemens)

One triple overflow protection prevents liquids from getting inside the system. Of course – especially with a flush-mounted hood – it is still unavoidable to occasionally cook during the cooking process liquids penetration. These are in one container caughtwhich also includes the grease filters. The entire unit can be easily removed and placed in the dishwasher clean.

Siemens inductionAir Plus: hardly louder than a whisper

Like other Siemens cooktop extractors, the inductionAir Plus also has the particularly quiet one iQ Drive Motor. This feature should be particularly convincing in open-plan kitchens: Around 42 to 69 decibels (dB) generates the downdraft ventilation in normal operation. For comparison: 40 dB correspond to whispering or a quiet residential street at night, 70 dB correspond to the noise level of a running water tap.

Siemens inductionAir Plus: smart options for everything to do with Home Connect

inductionAir Plus is part of the smart microcosm around Siemens Home Connect app connected: If you want, you can enrich your cooking experience with many intelligent functions. One digital cooking guide sends the appropriate settings for the favorite recipe from the app directly to the hob – and the user can start preparing it straight away. The inductionAir Plus benefits from a partnership with cooking portals such as KitchenStories broad recipe portfolio. Accessories can also be ordered directly via the Home Connect app.

Who rather one Entry-level device inductionAir Plus can do it too without smart functions and additional sensors and still benefit from the advantages of a state-of-the-art induction hob with integrated hob fan – at a significantly lower total price with the same award-winning appearance.

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