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Quirky Italian Wedding Inspiration Perfect For Fall


From Stefano Santucci

The staging of this “eccentric” wedding is reminiscent of a party at the palace of Versailles, headed by a whimsical but sarcastic bride who echoes the famous Marie Antoinette in her movements and regal (and vaguely snobbish) bearing.

The whole setting is extremely polished and refined. From the choice of colors to the dessert table, from the peacock feather fan to the chic nic on the lawn, nothing is left to chance.

The wonderful and imposing Tenuta Bossi, immersed in the Tuscan countryside, has reigned serenely for centuries thanks to the skilled care of an ancient Florentine family: the Gondi. The fortune of the bloodline has its roots in the fifteenth century, when members of the family managed to spin gold together with silk, thus becoming high-lineage craftsmen and later bankers of great fame.

Around the villa, embellished and enlarged over the centuries, gentle hills planted with vines and boundless meadows unfold. A wonderful bamboo forest enriches the estate, giving it an exotic and unconventional touch.


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