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Satellite Internet 2019

This Internet is another way to get an Internet connection. No telephone connection or ISDN connection is necessary, the data is received with a satellite dish. With the help of this technology, people can gain access to the Internet, where there is no telephone line, or the existing Internet network is very poorly developed. DSL providers from Europe work with satellite operators SES Astra and Eutelsat.

Which techniques are used in satellite internet?

There is a difference between the one and two-way technique, the latter representing the modern variant. For the download and the upload with a satellite channel two streams are needed, one for the download and one for the upload.

For the use of these streams, the customer must invest the necessary hardware, this costs about 300 euros. These costs can also be split over the contract period or the hardware can only be rented. The download takes place with a speed between 64 kbit / s and 150 MBit / s, the upload with a speed between 64 kbit / s and 20 MBit / s.

With one-way technology, there is only one channel for the download, so the upload can not be done via the satellite dish. For the upload then still an analog or ISDN connection is needed. Since the upload usually has a smaller volume of data than the download, this technique is well-defended, but the speed is lower than in the two-way technique.

Which providers are there?

The type of technology, tariff and other regulations usually depend on the provider. There is a lot of DSL over satellite providers, so before contracting, it is always worthwhile to run a DSL over satellite comparison.

What are the tariffs?

Since satellite internet is usually more expensive than conventional internet, there are always fixed tariffs in the tariffs. This data volume is the inclusive volume, after which the download speed drops to a low speed. Most vendors have traffic between 5 GB and several 100 GB and a download speed between 20 MBit / s and 30 MBit / s. Here there is, however, not like the conventional Internet, no deviation of Donwloadgeschwindigkeit. With the conventional Internet from the telephone socket the speed depends very much on the location of the customer, as well as on the distance to the next distribution station. This limit does not exist on the satellite Internet – the speed is the one promised by the provider.

Most providers use a so-called Freezone. This is a period in which the used data can not be counted, so “free” can be downloaded. The Freezone is usually at night, approximately between 11pm and 6am in the morning the next day. As with the ordinary Internet, there are connection fees when concluding a new contract, which vary depending on the provider.

Thus, the tariff options for satellite internet are comparable to those for smartphones: the customer pays a monthly fee and receives a certain volume of data. After using up this volume, he either pays extra or surfs at a reduced speed. In addition, there is the option of Freezones, which does not exist in the mobile phone contract.

Can also be telephoned via satellite internet?

Yes. DSL over satellite Experience shows that the Telefonie over the satellite DSL connection does not represent a problem. In this case, then the VoIP technology is used, i. The call data is transmitted via the Internet. This option can also be booked with most providers – then this used up data will not be deducted from the data volume intended for surfing.

What advantages does the Internet offer over satellite?

The advantages of satellite internet are obvious. Each customer always receives 100% full power. Since there is no distribution station, as in the conventional Internet, the speed does not depend on the location. Performance remains constant no matter when and how many other users use the Internet. Other users have no influence on the speed of their own household.

In addition, the satellite Internet is always and everywhere available immediately. No connection is needed. Only the customer needs a hardware and the appropriate access data – so that the customer can receive Internet anywhere.

Where can Internet be used via satellite?

The primary use is for users who are in places where there is no or no fast Internet connection through the telephone network. These places are not only in Germany, but in the whole world. In order for these people to gain access to the Internet, they can receive it via a satellite Internet.

In addition, this solution is suitable for people who are traveling with a motorhome and do not want to miss a high-performance Internet connection. The DSL is thus receivable from everywhere and is not bound to a specific location.

The Internet via satellite offers customers who otherwise have no direct access to the telephone network a powerful and secure access to the World Wide Web. This access is easy to set up and maintain.

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