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Scottish Highlands Wedding Inspiration for Nature-Loving Brides

From Alia Païenda

A wild picnic in the midst of the Highlands, an inspiration to elope in the magical mountains of Scotland.

The inspiration came from the idea of ​​an adventurous elopement, with a poetic and boho style. I wanted to combine something wild with a fashion twist: a modern embroidered wedding dress, with oversized sleeves and a glamorous neckline. Blended with the beautiful flowers unveiling autumnal and earthy shades, the Persian carpet brought an ethnic touch to the shooting.

The make-up and hair warrior & artist, Bonny, highlighted Rebecca’s beauty in the best way: thick eyebrows, wild hair, bold and intense wine colored lips to match the dahlias, and glowy skin for a fresh look. The oversized and long earrings added a perfect feminine and glamorous touch to complete the boho silhouette: full of crystals and dangling pearls.

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