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Seamlessly style your bridal look with this stunning accessories collection

From Atelier Lilac

After this year of uncertainty, it is with emotion that we present our Collection 2021. This new collection is inspired by nature, blooming buds in spring and natural materials, derived into beautiful designs, nostalgic for a once better world. On the sleek lines of classical and romantic, through enchanting vintage and timeless baroque, time passing by through the styles has been our guiding thread.

With this 2021 collection, we have chosen to highlight the beauty and brilliance of the natural elements that our planet offers us, using natural mother pearls and natural stones and their virtues such as the spiritual opal and the amplifier quartz.

From the finesse and elegance of a romantic style to more elaborate vintage and baroque pieces and patterns, the accessories of this new collection are declined in gorgeous earrings, necklaces, back necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories that will bring delicacy and radiance to all brides this year.

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