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“So much more than kitchen”

“So much more than a kitchen” – under this motto, manufacturer rational presented itself at this year’s fair Industry fair Küchenmeile A30. Planning the whole Living worlds with furniture from the kitchen manufacturer, of course, also dominated at rational. However: with a well thought-out, surprising concept. Further rational innovations for 2022: organic materials with innovative character and new ideas for the Utility room.

rational innovations 2022, topic 1: living worlds

Verily: Home furniture from the kitchen manufacturer are not a novelty that came into the spotlight this year on the trend-setting kitchen mile A30. Nevertheless, rational surprised with one in its in-house exhibition in Melle, East Westphalia for 2022 thoughtful concept, which makes holistic living space planning from the kitchen manufacturer even easier and meaningful transitions enables.

rational innovations for 2022: walk-in closet.  Photo: rational

“Rational Loft”: an entire apartment with furniture from the kitchen manufacturer

In ready-made cubes, as you would find them in the IKEA exhibition knows to be presented by the manufacturer “Rational Loft”: On 40 square meters, rational shows a fully furnished apartment with Furniture from the kitchen manufacturer – including the dressing room, bedroom, living room, cloakroom, bathroom – and of course the kitchen. This is how rational drives the efforts of the kitchen industry holistic living space planning to the extreme and completes the cross-industry vision in an entertaining, walk-through “best practice”.

rational innovations 2022: fully furnished apartment with furniture from the kitchen manufacturer.  (Photo: rational)

Showcase, slide-in door cabinet: living room furniture with a practical double function

With new, hanging display cabinets optical and functional transitions between kitchen and living area are created. The new Partnership with blum, Manufacturer of furniture fittings, is expanding its portfolio Sliding doors and the popular Space Step, an extendable one Skirting board.

Rational is also dedicating a central location in its in-house exhibition to the slide-in door cabinet, thereby visualizing the possibility of merging the kitchen and living room into a purist environment in no time at all. Kitchen counter and built-in appliances disappear behind closed double doors, of which only the handleless and smooth surface remains behind.


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Farrow & Ball and COLORNETWORK: Fronts and wall paint from a single source

By joining the COLORNETWORK rational will give customers a new one in 2022 Design variety across the premises: The COLORNETWORK is an association of well-known manufacturers from the kitchen, furniture and textiles industries who join forces common color concept have committed. The timeless and modern colors such as “be rooted! ®” (dark brown) or “feel jade!” (Cream) can be found in the portfolios of all participating manufacturers. This is how the whole living space can be optically from a single source design – including the kitchen.

Another component of the rational innovations is the collaboration with the British paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball. With corresponding colors for fronts and walls, e.g. dark green, blue or old pink, this goes one step further than before. The kitchen finally dares to confidently venture into the terrain interior design space planning and claims its place in the league of sophisticated interior design.

New Dekton design “ceram”: ultra-thin surface for fronts and worktop

rational expands its portfolio with the new one in 2022 Dekton design “ceram” with a noticeable grain: with the 4 millimeters thin variant “Dekton Slim” a new design concept for kitchen and furniture fronts is launched. The program is supplemented by a 12 millimeter thick worktop. The eye-catching surface gives the kitchen the potential to become the focal point of the house with a strong design.

rational innovations 2022: Dekton Slim "ceram".  Photo: rational

The ultra-compacted material Dekton by Cosentino is currently the most resistant worktop in the sophisticated kitchen. With his fError-free surface Dekton offers what is known as “zero porosity” and is therefore absolute scratch and abrasion resistant. Due to its moisture-repellent properties, the panels are also ideal for the Use in the bathroom and thus continue the visual line of the interior design.

rational innovations 2022, topic 2: nature

Second big point of the rational innovations 2022: sustainability and naturalness. Rational sometimes expands its product portfolio with new ones Drawer inserts and storage boxes valuable wood and thus ties in with the philosophy of manufacturers such as LEICHT or bulthaup. In terms of looks, nature should also find its way into the kitchen and living space of rational in 2022: for example with new melamine surfaces in Natural stone look.

rational innovations 2022: drawer inserts made of wood.  Photo: Küchen & Design Magazin
New in the rational portfolio for 2022: drawer inserts and storage boxes made of wood. (Photo: Küchen & Design Magazin)

ORGANOID from Austria: furniture wall made of leaves and flowers

Spirit of innovation proves rational with its most recent Cooperation with ORGANOID: these are untreated natural surfaces that bring organic materials into the living space – made by a small team in Austria. In an award-winning process, leaves, blossoms, Stems or buds pressed and unsealed Furniture panels processed. This creates an optical, haptic and olfactory experience for all the senses. Installed in the piece of furniture or as a deliberately staged wall cladding, the organoid natural surfaces their natural scent and thus also ensure a good indoor climate.

For example, rational shows you one on the A30 kitchen mile wardrobe with organoid back wall Lavender flowers: When the cupboard is opened, a delicate scent of fresh lavender emanates and evokes associations with the summer of southern France. The eye-catching flowers in the piece of furniture, which can be clearly felt, are also visually eye-catching. The organoid surfaces consciously raise the ecological lifestyle to a trend and offer the opportunity to bring a piece of nature into your home in urban living space.

Natural colors, organic shapes

Also some new colors and surfaces are among the rational innovations for 2022: including a reproduction of dark oak, natural slate optics and numerous muted tones such as Cashmere gray and pastel beige.

rational innovations for 2022: new colors, new surfaces
Natural-looking colors and surfaces dominate the rational innovations for 2022. (Photo: Küchen & Design Magazin)

In keeping with this, rational presents its popular Front “Onda” in the new, earthy shade Terra brown: The round front looks soft and at the same time elegant and sophisticated. The rounded, organic shape creates a play of light and shadow and almost looks like leather. All colors of the RAL palette are available for kitchen planning with “Onda”.

"Onda" by rational in terra brown: organically shaped kitchen front

rational innovations 2022, topic 3: utility room

Across all manufacturers, the utility room dominated the exhibition halls along the A30, as was the case with rational. Although there was no great astonishment at a groundbreaking innovation, rational at least presented a clever planning idea: one that is connected to the smart home Garage for the vacuum robot.

The household helper can be stowed inconspicuously and space-saving in a small niche behind the cabinet front. By Voice command the gate opens and the vacuum cleaner is on duty.

More ideas for the utility room: a stable one Pull-out for the laundry basket directly under the machine as well as angled Shelves for beverage crates.

rational innovations 2022: new ideas for the utility room.  Photo: rational
Fresh ideas in the utility room: new holder for beverage crates and laundry basket as well as a garage for the vacuum robot. (Photo: rational)

rational innovations 2022: Conclusion

Even without the big bang, rational is presenting innovations for 2022, at least the current zeitgeist get to the point and – through carefully selected collaborations such as with ORGANOID – but one more Moment of innovation bring along. Also working with the COLORNETWORK as well as Farrow & Ball promises small but effective optimizations in the planning variety that are good for the whole home. “So much more than kitchen”: rational has always fulfilled the motto of the A30 kitchen mile.

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