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When I started dealing with the topic of sustainability years ago, I dealt intensively with hair shampoos. In this area in particular, the transition was difficult at first, I had to try a few things and found that it is not that easy to find a good, natural shampoo without packaging. In addition to shampoo bars, I also tested hair soap. Cleansing earth and mixed some myself from rye flour. But with all options – except for the solid shampoo – there were always undesirable side effects and I did not achieve the result that I wanted for my hair. Now the trial and error has come to an end and I remain loyal to the solid shampoo.

Because I am often asked about my hair care, I would like to introduce you to two new products from Natural Pure Solids.

Now I can no longer imagine life without solid shampoo. And because I’m often asked how I take care of my hair, I can meet you today two great products from Natual Pure Solids introduce: I have been using the Extra Sensitiv Shampoo Vanilla – Linden Blossom and the Intensive Repair Sampoo Orange – Sandalwood for some time. The shampoos foam really nicely and clean both hair and scalp perfectly. I also love the gentle, non-intrusive scent. There are no dubious ingredients or artificial perfumes. All Natural Pure Solids products are vegan, cruelty-free and manufactured in a factory.

The use of the solid shampoo is generally super easy, but with the shampoo bars you should rather lather the shampoo in your hands and not directly on the hair, otherwise more than necessary is used. The washing process can also be repeated if the hair does not feel clean enough. Storage is especially important with solid shampoo as moisture and heat are not good at storage. So it’s best to choose a place that is cool and dry, where the shampoo does not get any further wet and can dry in peace. A shelf on loofah, a sisal bag or a shower basket can also be used here.

Always pay attention to the ingredients in your shampoos.

For you and your environment it plays a big role which ingredients are in your shampoo. Because this is rinsed out with your laundry and ends up in the waters. For Natural Pure Solids there is a need to only use pure ingredients. To find out more about it, please check out this detailed lexicon about their ingredients at.

Both of my shampoos are made from various vegetable oils, organic cocoa butter and only from natural substances. I really enjoy using both of them. The extra sensitive shampoo vanilla is particularly soothing for my scalp, cleanses my hair thoroughly and gives it a nice shine. I particularly like to use the Intensive Repair Shampoo Sandalwood Orange when my hair needs more moisture. They are particularly supple after washing.

There are four different types of new shampoos – an anti-dandruff shampoo and a shine and care shampoo are also in the range. There is something for every need. I can really recommend you to try a solid shampoo. When traveling, in particular, it is immensely relieving that no shampoo can leak. And with every shower I think to myself how easy it is to save on packaging. My hair also feels perfectly cared for.

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