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Special kitchens: ideas for individualists

Of course, a kitchen must be practical and functional. High-quality equipment, a sensible arrangement of furniture, plenty of work space and storage space – all of which contributes to making cooking fun.

Many, however, want a special kitchen that does not come “off the peg” and is not the same with neighbors with small differences. But what makes a special kitchen?

Basically you have a little less room in the kitchen than other rooms. Some aspects are simply dictated by the shape and size of the kitchen and the location of the connections.

For example, an eight-square-meter room is not suitable for an island kitchen, and a U-shape is not possible if you use it to deliver windows and doors. However, one has completely free hand in the choice of materials , colors, design and lighting .

Creative kitchen design for a unique look

Today, kitchens use materials that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Doors or worktops made of concrete, ceramic, copper or natural stone give the kitchen an individual look and stand out from the mass of white standard kitchens. Of course, they can also be creatively spiced up with the help of original accessories.

A special kitchen is always created when you move away from the usual standards – for example, the preference for muted colors.

A kitchen in orange or green looks individual, even if it hardly differs in its design otherwise from standard kitchens.

You want to give your kitchen a unique look and are looking for inspiration? Then just click through our photo gallery and be amazed at what’s possible!

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