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Steak within the oven? Attainable. With the SteakMaster from Teka

The scent of freshly grilled meals nonetheless hangs in our noses after we look somewhat wistfully out of the window as of late and ask ourselves: Has spring made room for the so-called ice saints, who carry us again the moist and chilly days? One is simply overpowering us novelty from the house equipment producer Teka: With the SteakMaster from the Maestro sequence, the normal firm hires one oven that guarantees to carry the summer time to the kitchen, no less than by way of delicacies, regardless of the climate. So how is the superbly grilled steak within the oven? (Photograph: AdobeStock / nadianb)

Grill the steak within the oven at 700 levels Celsius

The built-in oven additionally reaches in SteakMaster mode Particular grill a temperature of as much as 700 levels Celsius, which is roughly the temperature efficiency of a Charcoal grills corresponds. Right here the SteakMaster surpasses its opponents by a a number of: typical ovens attain a most of 300 levels within the grill operate.

The oven thus takes into consideration the brand new pattern of briefly heating meat as much as 800 levels Celsius: within the steakhouse, professionals obtain spectacular outcomes with this technique. Nonetheless, this cooking technique can hardly be carried out on the charcoal grill, since dripping fats causes flash flames and the meat merely chars on an open flame at such excessive temperatures.

The Steakmaster from Teka not only brings us the perfectly grilled steak from the oven: the simple, black oven also satisfies aesthetic demands. (Photo: Steakmaster)

The SteakMaster from Teka not solely brings us the superbly grilled Steak from the oven: the straightforward, black oven additionally satisfies aesthetic calls for. (Photograph: SteakMaster)

The steak multiplication desk: sear, cook dinner, relaxation

Transient searing at excessive temperature closes the meat pores. So it turns into crispy on the surface and stays good and juicy on the within. Right here the so-called Maillard response Work: Sugar and amino acids – on this case protein – react with one another and type quite a few new substance mixtures which can be attribute of a superbly roasted piece of meat Roasted aromas grant. Then the meat must be mild at low temperature cook dinner once more: 70 levels Celsius are sufficient to transform the connective tissue protein collagen to gelatin, which makes the meat splendidly tender.

Earlier than consuming, it pays to offer the meat some relaxation: wrapped in aluminum foil for a couple of minutes, the cooked meals can develop its aroma and the contracted muscle fibers develop into tender once more. The guarantees all these steps SteakMaster to take over routinely. Tempting, isn't it?

20 automated packages for meat

To make barbecuing much more handy, the SteakMaster 20 automated packages obtainable for meat. Studying roll on Core temperaturesFortunately, the system relieves us of the grilling instances and temperatures and we are able to get straight to the purpose: open the oven door, let the roasted aromas circulate, stay up for slicing, astonishing and having fun with.

The cast iron grill grate allows several pieces of meat or extra-large cuts to be prepared at the same time. (Photo: SteakMaster)

The forged iron grill grate permits a number of items of meat or extra-large cuts to be ready on the identical time. (Photograph: SteakMaster)

Self-cleaning oven because of the pyrolysis operate

Along with the SteakMaster operate, the system provides all of the facilities of a state-of-the-art built-in oven: Twelve nicely thought-out varieties of heating can be found to the person, for instance for pizza, steam cooking, low-temperature cooking or fermentation. Additionally at Telescopic pull-outs and the Pyrolysis operate, which are actually a part of the specs of a high-quality oven, we are able to tick the field. The particular Self-cleaning program Pyrolysis burns meals residues to ashes at extraordinarily excessive temperatures, which might then merely be faraway from the oven with a humid fabric.

All-rounder with an additional dose of consolation

Not solely relating to steak within the oven, the SteakMaster is at our facet with recommendation and motion: The system additionally provides a private one Cooking assistants with 20 pre-programmed recipes. All in all, a multi-function system that allegedly takes on inimitable skilled tips within the kitchen and their mysticism refined preparation strategies need to make it accessible to everybody.

So if you’re in search of a state-of-the-art oven and don’t need to look ahead to lovely summer time days when grilling the right steak, you must take a better have a look at the Teka SteakMaster – it could possibly be the savior of the grill events that may in any other case actually have fallen into the water.

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