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Sustainable cuisine from SCHMIDT: greener than the competition?

Sustainability? Belongs to good form these days. Even Kitchen and furniture manufacturers like to drive in the slipstream of the big initiatives for more Environmental awareness with. Often by buying Climate certificatesin order to be able to commit to CO2-neutral production at the end of the day. However, this is only really ecological to a limited extent. All the more leaves a novelty from the house SCHMIDT kitchens sit up and take notice: the Franco-German manufacturer brings one sustainable cuisine made of 100% recycled wood.

What makes the new kitchen from SCHMIDT so ecological? In short: it consists of 100% recycled wood. The idea of ​​making kitchen furniture from recycled materials is not new: the East Westphalian manufacturer Rotpunkt launched an ecological chipboard in 2017, which initially consisted of corn and other annual plants. In 2020 the material was updated and is now composed of 90% recycled wood. With the ecological chipboard After all, the company already covers the production of its new carcasses.

Sustainable kitchen made from 100% recycled wood from SCHMIDT kitchens.  (Photo: Adobe Stock / detailfoto)
Rotpunkt kitchens also already produce with sustainable furniture panels made of 90% recycled wood. SCHMIDT now increases to 100% recycled wood. (Photo: Adobe Stock / detailfoto)

SCHMIDT Küchen is now taking the idea to extremes: “Origin Twist” is the first kitchen by the front on the Body up to Countertop made of wood that was already in use. So it gets Red point a direct one Competitor, which spins the sustainability concept in kitchen furniture production a little further.

Climate neutral is not always ecological

Co2 neutral are already several manufacturers in the kitchen industry: appliance manufacturers Bosch According to its own statement, it has been balancing out all emissions emitted during production since 2020 Climate certificates the end. Even Häcker kitchens already produces its furniture in a climate-neutral way.

But that does not mean that the production does not emit CO2: Um Offsetting emissions, be about Trees planted, Sown flowering meadows or support other ecological projects – the environmentally harmful CO2 emissions are “compensated”. Many manufacturers are undoubtedly taking an important step in the right direction. That next level However, sustainability begins when no compensation is necessary at all – or even one climate positive balance is achieved. So let’s talk about SCHMIDT kitchens.

“Origin Twist”: sustainable cuisine for a green conscience

With “Origin Twist”, the Franco-German company developed the first kitchen to 100 percent made from recycled wood consists. “Origin” stands for the original, “Twist” for a turning point. A confident message that the kitchen becomes an ambassador for a ecological rethinking raises.

The material for the body, front and the 20 millimeter thick worktop comes from sawmills, Old furniture, Construction or dismantling wood or wooden packaging and offer, according to SCHMIDT Küchen, the same stability like a conventional piece of furniture. “If you see waste as a resource, it can generate creativity and drive innovation,” says product manager Jean-Michel Jaeglé.

The front of the “Origin Twist” comes with an extraordinary one Textile fabric effect hence, that creates character and depth and one haptic experience promises. The opening mechanism is also an eye-catcher: Asymmetrical handle strips give the kitchen an additional moment of tension. The visual appearance of the kitchen is modern Boho style: The colors and presentation are timeless and natural, and the black metal elements give them an urban, industrial appeal. Visually, “Origin Twist” should definitely meet the taste of the masses – with a good chance of making sustainable cuisine socially acceptable.

Design concept “L’épicerie”: appreciation of craftsmanship, enjoyment and regionality

For the design of sustainable kitchens, SCHMIDT has the Paris design agency 5.5. brought on board: the kitchen follows the new concept “L’épicerie”which means something like “small grocery store”. The duo won the prestigious French design award for the idea in 2021 “Janus de l’espace de vie” excellent.

The “L’épicerie” concept sometimes includes black metal grillethat are used, for example, on the base cabinet. Utensils, herbs and plants are given a practical and exposed place in the kitchen. With this, SCHMIDT offers a more affordable alternative to Connector systems like The Wall from Switzerland or the panel system from next125.

Drawers made of oak in a rustic style Fruit boxes awaken the association with fresh market vegetables, local potatoes and regional production. The kitchen becomes the scene of a healthy and conscious lifestylethat expresses open appreciation for enjoyment, handicrafts and regional products.

With this design element, SCHMIDT is likely to create another unique selling point have created: While such drawers have so far tended to be more than Made to measure by the carpenter found in newly planned kitchen rooms (e.g. in our kitchen of the month of August), kitchen buyers and customers can plan with the new design line from SCHMIDT with the extraordinary storage space as standard.

Rustic fruit boxes as a drawer element: sustainable cuisine down to the last detail.  (Photo: SCHMIDT Küchen)
Rustic fruit boxes as a drawer element: ecological lifestyle becomes a design element in the “Origin Twist” kitchen. (Photo: SCHMIDT Küchen)

Sustainable kitchens from SCHMIDT: fair play as a business model

While the East Westphalian manufacturer Rotpunkt has so far been considered the figurehead of sustainable action in the kitchen industry, SCHMIDT kitchens surprises with numerous Eco-labels: In addition to the well-known PEFC seal and certificates for an environmentally friendly production process or for energy efficiency, SCHMIDT was also awarded the business award “Green Franchise Award” excellent.

Buyers and end customers also benefit from a fair approach: SCHMIDT Küchen grants a 10 year guarantee on all furniture including fronts and worktops. For comparison: a 5-year guarantee on kitchen furniture is common, the statutory guarantee ends after 2 years.

Kitchen, living room, dressing room, bathroom: holistic planning from a single source

SCHMIDT Küchen also seems ahead of its time with its business model. Founded in Saarland in 1934, the headquarters are now in Alsace, France, with around 300 studios in France alone Market leader. Unlike most kitchen manufacturers, SCHMIDT does not supply kitchens or living studios, but operates on the basis of one Franchise concept with our own partner studios and one own brand concept.

Sustainable kitchen: Home furniture can also be planned with SCHMIDT kitchens.  (Photo: SCHMIDT Küchen)
Ahead of its time: While the trend of holistic interior planning from kitchen manufacturers is only slowly arriving in Germany, SCHMIDT kitchens have been planning across rooms since 1992. (Photo: SCHMIDT Küchen)

SCHMIDT plans kitchens across rooms – and recognized this trend early on: since 1992 there have been kitchens as well as Bathroom furniture Releases. Today, entire rooms can be planned with furniture from SCHMIDT: from the dressing room to the living room to the bathroom, bedroom or office. Every piece of furniture can be included made to measure will.

Kitchens, living room furniture, but also cloakrooms and dressing rooms: the range from SCHMIDT Küchen Dresden is versatile and can be used individually.  (Photo: SCHMIDT Küchen)
Kitchens, living room furniture, but also cloakrooms and dressing rooms: the range from SCHMIDT Küchen Dresden is versatile and can be used individually. (Photo: SCHMIDT Küchen)

So it should only be a matter of time before sustainable furniture from SCHMIDT also penetrates the other areas of the house. Initially, everything is focused on the kitchen. But don’t the best parties take place there anyway? Just.

>>> Would you also like to plan a sustainable kitchen or a multi-room interior from SCHMIDT? We recommend you SCHMIDT kitchens Dresden as well as the kitchen builder Bingen.

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