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Suzy Black designs sexy, luxury lingerie for your wedding & honeymoon

From Suzy Black

Suzy Black is a luxury, intimate lounge & resort brand. The brand aims to encourage women everywhere to celebrate, cherish, adorn & embrace their femininity.

Designer Diondra Julian feels “A woman’s femininity is one of her most amazing assets. So many of us don’t embrace our femininity because we think it makes us weak, but quite the contrary — it is our power! “

Diondra often reflects on self-care and making sure she looks beautiful, confident, and well-balanced for herself and family. Creating a lingerie line, Diondra often uses her daily life as inspiration. Her collection caters to curvy women, tall women, all women.

The idea of ​​Suzy Black came from Diondra’s mother. The designer remembers childhood memories of her mother as this glamorous, very feminine creature. Her mother would often set aside time by wearing perfume, starting bubble baths, and having her stilettos ready. She was always very intentional about being a “woman.” What women don’t want to feel beautiful.

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