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Swimming pregnant

The topic is in the video contribution “Pregnancy Tips 5” Swimming pregnant the focus of the remarks by midwife Gerlinde Remsing

In the information video for parents-to-be, Gerlinde Remsing, midwife and Vice President of the Austrian Midwifery Committee, explains why so many experts swim during the pregnancy recommend. The expert also points out that an expectant mother should not forego sport and exercise in the weeks before the birth.

Swimming during pregnancy is healthy

Swimming pregnant relieves tension, combats heavy legs as water is flushed out of the body and is also pleasant for the baby. Expectant mothers who are afraid of a vaginal infection should wear a tampon to be on the safe side. By the way, there are special tampons for pregnant women! This is why swimming and pregnancy go so well together, according to the expert, because there is hardly any risk of injury.

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