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The World’s Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

These celebrities are on to something … they’ve managed to secure top spots in the ranking for the world’s most expensive engagement rings.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Jennifer Lopez via Instagram @jlo

Despite a pause on lavish wedding celebrations, we’ve seen a record high in winter engagements and you lovestruck romantics have been splitting with your hard earned cash to splash out on some of the most on-trend engagement rings. However, while all dream of a rock the size of a small country, the average cost of an engagement ring sits at around £ 2000. That’s a far cry from what some celebrities are spending on the world’s most expensive engagement rings.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The team at has looked into the most iconic celebrity engagements in history to reveal the most expensive engagement rings in the world.

Looking at the price of the rings and the inflation rates, it’s been revealed at Grace Kelly was the proud owner of the most expensive engagement ring after Prince Rainier III of Monaco popped the question with a jewel costing £ 3,045,000 at the time and said to be worth £ 29,260,241 in today’s money.

Other celebs topping the list include Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. But it looks like we should all be taking notes from Jenny From The Block as Jennifer Lopez is taking up two spaces in the ranking for the top 10 most expensive engagement rings, and and appears three times in the top 50.

1. Grace Kelly’s engagement ring

Fiance: Prince Rainier III of Monaco

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Proposal Date: 1956

Ring Designer: Cartier

Price: £ 3,045,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 29,260,241

2. Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ Engagement Ring

Fiance: Aristotle Onassis

Proposal Date: 1968

Ring Designer: Harry Winston

Price: £ 1,950,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 14,645,860

3. Mariah Carey’s Engagement Ring

Fiance: James Packer

Proposal Date: 2016

Ring Designer: Wilfredo Rosado

Price: £ 7,500,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 8,167,645

4. Anna Kournikova’s Engament Ring

Fiance: Enrique Iglesias

Proposal Date: 2004

Price: £ 4,050,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 5,603,799

5. Paris Hilton’s Engagement Ring

Paris Hilton getting engaged
Credit: Instagram / parishilton

Fiance: Paris Latsis

Proposal Date: 2005

Price: £ 3,525,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 4,717,549

6. Beyoncé’s Engagement Ring

Fiance: Jay-Z

Proposal Date: 2008

Price: £ 3,750,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 4,552,403

7. Vanessa Bryant’s engagement ring

Fiance: Kobe Bryant

Proposal Date: 2003

Price: £ 3,000,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 4,261,504

8. Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring

Fiance: Marc Anthony

Proposal Date: 2004

Price: £ 3,000,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 4,150,962

9. Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Ring (Again!)

Fiance: Alex Rodriguez

Proposal Date: 2019

Price: £ 3,750,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 3,833,832

10. Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

Fiance: Kanye West

Proposal Date: 2013

Price: £ 3,000,000

Price Adjusted for Inflation: £ 3,365,929

Credit: Instagram / KimKardashianWest

Looking at the 50 most expensive engagement rings, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle make the cut with rings worth £ 400K and £ 167K respectively.

More recently, Demi Lovato’s 2020 engagement to Max Ehrich sees her dazzling enter the last as the 26th most expensive engagement.

Check out findings to see which other celebrity engagement rings topped the chart.

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