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These bridal robes are as luxurious & beautiful as your wedding gown …

From Sareh Nouri

“My designs define creativity, passion, hard work, and quality. I love timeless elegance and I want that translated to my gowns ” -Sareh Nouri

We selected soft and delicate laces that were previously used to create iconic Sareh Nouri wedding gowns. These are exclusive signature laces from European mills. Each bridal robe is made in the same design studio as our wedding gowns by our highly skilled team. Each lace robe is treated with the same special care and love that we treat each wedding gown.

All of our brides will feel as incredible in our bridal robes as they do in our wedding gowns. Our brides will feel the soft embrace of our laces and have an unforgettable experience. When they use their lace robes again in the future, it will transport them back to their wedding day with joyful and nostalgic memories.

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