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These wedding vendors bring vibrant Nigerian weddings to London

The Lagos to London Bus

The iconic ‘DANFO’ was one of our main focal points of the shoot, designed with colorful balloons and floral installation to make a bold statement. My heart was set on using bold colors to design the yellow bus – an idea that was inspired by the fruit and vegetable market in Lagos Nigeria. These markets are usually bursting with bright colors and full of life. I felt this matched the Lagos vibe I was trying to convey.

The iconic ‘DANFO’ – The Lagos to London Yellow Bus – is an iconic feature in Lagos Nigeria. It serves as the most popular vehicle for commercial transport within the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Tope of Balloon Inspirations created the most breath-taking, bold and colorful organic balloon display on the yellow bus using custom color balloons. Tope created an organic cascading effect with the balloons display from the top of the yellow bus which naturally flowed down into the front seat of the bus creating an overflowing effect out of the front seat spilling onto the floor in a spectacular statement. Funsho of Foreps Decor adorned the balloon installation with a variety of roses, hydrangeas, gypsophila, moth orchids and gladiolus stems to complement the balloon design and create more of a tropical look and bring the overall vision for the ‘DANFO’ to life.

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