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This Covid couple turned their Hawaiian dream wedding to something just as beautiful …


The Planning, Then Covid …

We were eager to start planning our wedding right away and could not wait to get married. We quickly decided on a date of October 28, 2020 – my birthday in Maui, Hawaii. We didn’t want a big wedding just a couple of close family members.

A few weeks later, I got my dress! We decided on the Four Seasons. We spent the next several months picking out photographer, videographer, flowers, cake, clothing, swimwear etc … all the things associated with weddings and honeymoons. Even though this was not going to be a large wedding we still wanted things to be nice and special. It was still our wedding.

Being busy with life and wedding planning we didn’t pay much attention to the talk of a new virus. In February news of Covid-19 was everywhere! I remember thinking I hate to be selfish but I hope this does not affect the wedding. All my family and friends were like that’s months away everything will be fine.

So we had no choice but to continue planning as we were already so far in. Plane tickets, hair & makeup – the expenses just kept piling up and this virus was not blowing over. Month after month we watched the news hoping for any sign Hawaii would lift the travel restrictions – would this wedding be possible? My dress got delayed and for a while, we didn’t even know where it was or when or if it would arrive.


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