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This ethereal wedding inspiration will have you dreaming of Lake Como


Before the wedding, Mei wore her mother’s Kimono and she refreshed herself in the crystal clear lake water. The Island, a mixture between nature and tradition, was the setting through that unforgettable day.

The first encounter between Mei and Collin was amongst the ruins of the island, a few steps away from the location chosen for the ceremony. Set inside the crypt, a semicircle was created by greenery and flowers, candles and light blue silk. A semicircle around the newlywed symbolizing an embrace around them.

The reception tables were set up inside the ruins. It created an elegant, but at the same time new, style. A light, long tablecloth glided over the stones, the mise en place was filled with pewter dishes and glasses and vintage goods from Bottega di Corte. Placeholders with fabric, hand-painted calligraphy by Poeticalligraphy, hand-dyed napkins were all included with many candlesticks and lighted candles.


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