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Tips for choosing a baby’s first name

Tips for choosing a baby's first name

The name accompanies a person for a lifetime. So parents should be all the more careful when it comes to deciding on the first name for the unborn baby. Because long before the birth, expectant mothers and fathers think about the future first name and which one would be best for the next generation of the family? Unusual names may seem funny at first, but does a person feel comfortable with them in all situations, at work, at home, in their free time and into old age? A child has to live by their name. That is precisely why many parents-to-be stressed out when choosing a first name. But that need not be! We have found the best tips for a stress-free and suitable selection.

This is how it works with the first name!

One likes Hannah, the other tends more towards Susanne, the dad traditionally wants to call his Filius Johann, but mom is strictly against it and sends the names Philip and Kevin into the race. Quarrel is inevitable here. It is quite normal for young parents to disagree straight away. After all, the future name should reflect the child’s character as well as possible. Yet you don’t even know who the baby will come after and which characteristics it will adopt, those from the maternal or from the paternal side? But one thing is clear, a decision has to be made. More and more new parents tend to use a double name. Often the names of father and mother or the godfather are chosen as the middle name. When choosing, parents should also keep an eye on the holidays. Because first names with a name tag not only give the offspring additional gifts and congratulations, the child associates the name tag with their own person for a lifetime.

Select first name and confirm

If the choice falls on a very unusual name, there may be more or less major problems with the recognition. You can get around this point by using the so-called first name confirmation of the Society for German Language. Rare and foreign first names are checked there and – for a fee – confirmed in writing. Upon presentation of this confirmation, each registry office will also accept the chosen first name. But parents should also pay attention to possible abbreviations. Because names that are very long and difficult to pronounce are often abbreviated in kindergarten and school and thus defaced. The regional connection is still important to many families and that is a good thing. Because in rural areas with “Jaqueline”, then perhaps also wrongly pronounced and wrongly emphasized, being called is no fun for children of all ages! Traditional names in particular are very popular again, because more and more often it sounds from the playground “Sarah, give Lukas his shovel back!”

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