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Treat diastasis rectus with EMSCULPT –

At first glance, the word diastasis will not mean anything to many – but almost everyone knows what is behind it. Because medical professionals describe the divergence of the right and left abdominal muscles as recurrent diastasis or diastasis recti. This expansion of the so-called linea alba creates a gap between the two muscle groups and the abdomen bulges. This happens particularly often after pregnancy or if you are overweight – i.e. whenever the abdominal muscles are exposed to particularly strong stretching.

Diastasis recti is not just an aesthetic problem

The linea alba (Latin for “white line”) is a vertical suture of connective tissue that runs between the right and left abdominal muscles. In the normal state it is about one to two centimeters wide. In the diastasis recti, this area is greatly expanded and can even be more than ten centimeters wide. This creates the visible bulging of the abdomen, especially in the navel area. But diastasis recti is not just a cosmetic or aesthetic problem. Because of the gaping abdominal muscles, the supporting function of the muscles is also impaired, resulting in back pain and a changed posture.

Muscle training can help

The most effective way to reverse the expansion of the linea alba is through targeted muscle training. This is particularly useful for people who are overweight or overweight. Most new mothers, on the other hand, often lack the time or strength for effective muscle training – the daily workout is clearly not at the top of the list of priorities during this first meeting.

EMSCULPT against diastasis recti

So if the available time is too limited for training, you either have to come to terms with the diastasis rectus – or you can get effective and quick help. The EMSCULPT procedure was developed to combine muscle building and fat reduction in one treatment. It is the only method in the world that combines these two functions in one device. The OmniMed ordinations in Eisenstadt, Klagenfurt and Linz have specialized in this procedure, among other things.

HIFEM for supramaximal muscle contractions

EMSCULPT works with HIFEM technology. An applicator is attached to the abdominal muscles, which uses an electromagnetic field to trigger supramaximal muscle contractions – 20,000 times in 30 minutes. The EMSCULPT treatment thus mimics the effect of 20,000 sit-ups in half an hour.

Reduction of diastasis recti by 11%

The recommended treatment cycle for EMSCULPT is four treatments with an interval of a few weeks. After that, studies show an average muscle gain of 16% and a fat reduction of 19%. With the latest generation of EMSCULPT neo devices, which OmniMed has in the Eisenstädter ordination, it is even 25% muscle building and 30% fat loss. And even with the treatment of diastasis recti with EMSCULPT, impressive results were achieved in the studies. Because it was improved by an average of 11%. And all of this without any physical exertion, because the patients lie comfortably on their backs during the treatment. Another big advantage: an EMSCULPT session only lasts 30 minutes, after which the patients can immediately resume their daily routine.

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