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Trends in sinks, faucets and kitchen back walls

The most interesting novelties in the field of accessories certainly include fittings with various additional functions . The company Blanco impresses with fittings, from which not only bubbling or boiling hot water runs, but where you can now even adjust the desired amount. Rinse with several levels and shelves, some with cheerful colorful accessories available, complete the picture. In general, sinks 2019 are very angular, which is visually appealing, but in daily use, an optionally higher level of care.

Even those who like it less, will get their money’s worth in 2019. Many manufacturers offer countertop, sink and niche rear walls in the same design. This leaves a particularly stylish and at the same time tidy impression. The kitchen back wall is becoming more and more an eyecatcher. They are available in various materials and designs, for replacement or with additional functions such as panel systems. Often they are lit, which creates a particularly cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. Particularly original: mirrors as niche rear walls, which visually enlarge the kitchen.

The worktops will be padded in 2019, not messed up. Whether made of natural stone, ceramic, wood, laminate or stainless steel – the new worktops are a highlight in the kitchen. There are still thin specimens in the trend, with some manufacturers trick here a bit: Due to a special cut the worktop is thicker down than the top, which gives it stability and still guarantees a great look. Very reserved is a variant therefore, in which the worktop is kept in the same material and design as the fronts of the base cabinets.

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