Massivmöbel24 donates 10,000 euros to the WWF for the reforestation of the Amazon rainforest

We need to assist
to guard pure assets and (primal) forest. Particularly the "inexperienced lung"
The world, the Amazon area in South America, is near our hearts – therefore
We’re a WWF (World Huge Fund For Nature) undertaking with 10,000 euros
supported. The goal of the undertaking is to clear the deforested financial institution forests in Bolivia
to reforest.

Intimately it issues the reforestation of the banks of the rivers in
Santa Rosa, an administrative unit of the province of Sara. There the WWF vegetation with
Supporting the native resident timber in order that the riverine forests as "inexperienced
Infrastructure "can regain its ecological operate.

As a part of the undertaking may
already 150 ha of alluvial forest alongside the river Palacios reforested and
4 nurseries are being constructed. We’re glad that we’ve got an quantity to
Persevering with the necessary work of the WWF on the bottom.

The undertaking carries
thus serving to to enhance the standard of lifetime of native individuals and the
To get Amazon rainforest because the planet's inexperienced lung. As well as, with the
Afforestation additionally protects the river from erosion and the safety of close by
mendacity settlements and fields earlier than flooding.