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USM Haller in the kitchen: modular, minimalist, durable

In 1963 the Swiss architect developed Fritz Haller rather by chance one Icon of furniture design. For the Swiss USM metal goods factory (Ulrich Schärer Münsingen) Haller should first design new company rooms. Then he got the idea modular furnishing system for the premises to be developed. From then on, Fritz Haller and Ulrich Schärer worked together like the cogwheels of a Swiss pocket watch – the legendary USM Haller furniture system was born. The rest is (design) history. Today they have minimalist furniture modules established in all areas of the house. Even in the kitchen.

USM Haller in the kitchen
USM Haller furniture adapts flexibly to the lives of its owners – and often guides them into the next generation. (Photo: USM)

As an architect, Fritz Haller followed one stringent design approach: “Mini” for private houses and offices, “Midi” for larger buildings and “Maxi” for industrial complexes. All three systems are based on the same Steel frame construction principle. Only the proportions differ. With the invention of the USM Haller system, he translated his architectural philosophy for the first time on the Furniture making: The modules are based on a system chromed metal rodn, in the glass shelves or powder-coated metal be admitted. Screwable Metal balls The connecting pieces form the edges and at the same time ensure the characteristic look.

USM Haller furniture is straight forward, durable and unparalleled changeable – and have taken on the role of simple life companion for Bauhaus-savvy design fans over the years. Anyone who thinks the kitchen space creatively has endless possibilities with the legendary metal furniture: for example as Showcase for favorite dishes and glass, as flexible ones sideboard, as wall-filling kitchen furniture or as Cooking table with plenty of work space.

USM Haller in the kitchen
Showcase from USM Haller with glass inserts and lighting: a stylish planning idea for the sophisticated kitchen. (Photo: USM)

Modular kitchen from USM Haller: maximum flexibility

The recipe for success of the USM Haller modules lies in theirs Changeability. The system holds at least as many surprises in store as a Swiss Army knife. Translated to the kitchen, this means: Als area-wide wall shelves can be combined with the modules spacious kitchen rooms with plenty of storage space, work surface and space for devices. Supplemented with a separate water and cooking area, a full kitchen space.

Strong colors like golden yellow, green or ruby ​​red create you extroverted look with pop art appeal, muted gray tones or elegant graphite black flatter you sophisticated furnishing style.

USM Haller furniture in the kitchen

USM Haller modules can also have a Complement existing kitchenettes in style: A piece of furniture is created in a strong color tone that continues the kitchen functionally and at the same time smoothly transitions to the living area. Another option is an individually planned one Trolley on wheelswho takes on the role of ambassador between the cooking, living and dining areas. This is how a mobile drinks bar or a mobile storage unit for herbs and spices that can be swiveled between the hob and the dining table when required.

The inner workings of the Cuboids and cubes, which are available in different widths and depths, can be designed as desired: for example with additional shelves or even with Cutlery inserts. You can choose between folding doors or drawers. For child-safe kitchens, lockable doors to plan.

The kitchen room is like that flexible like the life of the owner himself: if life changes, the modular furniture simply changes with it. None of this is permanently installed in the room. With a few simple steps, the elements can be rebuilt as required, reassemble and expand. In this way, a lowboard can be turned into a highboard if necessary – or a kitchen unit can be turned into a chest of drawers for the bedroom.

Design classics in the age of sustainability

Your reduced design in 14 timeless colors, their uncompromising stability and their high flexibility transfer the furniture modules, invented in 1963, all too naturally to the present day, the sustainable thinking and makes conscious purchase decisions a trend. In a generation that needs a lot of change, often moves and flexible life plans strives for, modular furniture is an ideal companion for life.

The Swiss Luxury watch manufacturer Patek Philippe writes on his advertising posters: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation. ”That too Metal furniture from USM are considered an acquisition for life – and as stable investmentthat is all too easy to pass on to the next generation.

Also, pieces of furniture are that flowing transitions create, more in demand than ever: floor plans are becoming more and more open. Kitchens become eat-in kitchens, dining rooms become flowing living-dining areas. Even when times change: USM Haller furniture stands for stoic persistence. And that’s good.

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