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Vintage brides wants the for these retro, colorful bridal pantsuits

From MiaSylvia

The ceremony space has been designed and styled by MiaSylvia, an environmental textile designer and stylist who specializes in harnessing color on fabrics using the ancient process of natural dye.

Each color is cooked up in The MiaSylvia studio using a range of foraged and natural ingredients such as plants, flowers, food-waste and scrap metals. Mia created ceiling-length fabric instillations to adorn the ceremony space and create a fine-art space that felt like a sacred exhibition for the couple to swerve in and out of. Each fabric installation is 6 meters in height and has been hand-dyed using the ethical and sustainable techniques that Mia practices. From rolling up petals, spices and minerals in the cloth and steaming them to release the soft hues and bespoke patterns you see in the installs.

At the foot of each fabric installation, there are cemented block planters that have florals blooming from them, designed by Emma Spowage as If sprouting from the ground beneath. Another nod to the industrial architecture of the building and juxtaposition of contrasting the hard metal exterior with soft hues and delicate textiles. The blooms and florals are a direct reflection of the beauty within Mother Nature and how these ingredients can be harnessed to create colors featured on the textiles.

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