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Weight loss after birth

When can I start losing weight?

After giving birth, you should give your body about six weeks to recover from contractions and labor before you start to lose weight. Keep in mind that your body changes shape after pregnancy and it can be difficult to return exactly to the weight you had before you were pregnant. Start with a few light exercises, especially for the regression, or walking and stretching exercises as soon as you feel like it. Even brisk walks with the stroller are recommended. Nevertheless, you should wait the mentioned six weeks before you start with strenuous training.

How can I lose weight without danger?

A nutritious and varied diet will help you recover from contractions and labor and stay up to the new efforts of parenting. Whether you breastfeed or give the baby the bottle, you should definitely pay attention to a healthy diet. The following tips will help you gain and maintain a healthy weight:

  • take your time for breakfast
  • eat fruits and vegetables at least five times a day
  • eat plenty of fiber (such as oats, beans, lentils, grains or grains)
  • Make sure your meals contain starchy foods such as bread, rice, and pasta (preferably whole wheat varieties – because of fiber).
  • If possible, avoid fried foods, fast foods, sweets and sodas that contain a lot of fat and sugar
  • When eating, look for your portions and between meals on the type and amount of snacks you eat.
  • Remember to drink enough – preferably 12 glasses of water a day.

It can be really difficult to lose weight after giving birth, but it is important for you to come down carefully and slowly from the kilos. Even a small weight gain of one to two BMI units increases the risk of subsequent complications such as high blood pressure or pregnancy in the next pregnancy. In addition, it is likely that you will then get a bigger baby.

What should I watch out for when I’m quiet?

When you give the breast, you need a little more calories than a mother feeding your baby with the vial. The energy to produce milk for your baby is equivalent to about 330 calories a day. Some of this energy is provided by the already existing fat reserves in your body. So breastfeeding can help you lose weight. Here are some tips for feeding a lactating mother.

When will my body return to normal?

If you have a healthy and nutritious diet before and during pregnancy, it will probably only take a few months for your body to regain all of the nutrients your child needed to grow and thrive.

If you have not been well cared for during pregnancy – perhaps due to pregnancy problems such as morning sickness, food allergies or other difficulties – your body may need up to a year or more to cope with the efforts of pregnancy. And even if you’ve followed a model diet, it can take a long time for your body to regenerate. You have to realize that you have just done a strenuous and nutrient-robbing job. Give your body the time it needs.

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