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Wellness for pregnant women


Midwife and Vice President of the Austrian Midwifery Committee Gerlinde Remsing gives detailed information on the subject in her video “Pregnancy Tips 2” Wellness for pregnant women.

Among other things, you will find out why Wellness during pregnancy is endorsed by numerous midwives and doctors. In addition, the expert also sheds light on what an expectant mother should pay particular attention to. In particular, the specialist points out that not every wellness application and massage, not every wrap and pack is recommended during pregnancy. Wellness for pregnant women According to Gerlinde Remsing, it is there to relax the body.

Wellness and pregnancy

Other benefits brought about by wellness are the relief of the joints and the relaxation of the muscles. In general, the expert continues, it is important to allow yourself a lot of relaxation as a mother-to-be. Ultimately – according to Remsing in the article – a pregnant woman should by no means have to do without sport. She mentions swimming as a suitable sport.

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