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What is Satellite Internet?

If fast Internet via telephone cable or mobile network is not available and still should not be dispensed with high-speed Internet, satellite Internet can be a good alternative. How exactly this works and what advantages and disadvantages the Internet brings via satellite, we explain in the following article.

Optimum data transfer and high-speed Internet via satellite

In cities and conurbations, DSL cables are represented everywhere and enable high data rates. On the other hand, things can look quite different in the countryside: fast Internet is often in short supply here. Other people, for example, for personal reasons do not want a classic DSL connection.

For low-income residential areas without broadband expansion, there is an alternative: the satellite Internet. For this purpose, only a clear view in the southern direction is needed to ensure the signal for the satellite system and thus to ensure optimal data transfer can. Many customers already receive their television program via satellite. The Internet access via satellite works in principle the same way, only here, instead of the TV, the PC receives the data. If you have power to connect to the satellite system, you can immediately go online with high speed in any region. Another connection is not necessary. At the same time, you can make calls and receive TV via the connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of satellite technology

The biggest advantage of the satellite Internet is probably clear that it is easy (almost) everywhere available. Especially inhabitants of rural areas (where usually a clear view of the sky is given anyway) do not have to be annoyed with a slow connection.

The increasingly popular satellite technology does not have to hide in terms of speed behind the classic DSL. The radio connection to a satellite in space allows downloading up to 22 megabits per second, uploading up to 6 megabits per second. However, only as long as the monthly data volume is not used up, which at the same time represents the other side of the coin. For a long time, this broadband limitation has been a big drawback, but customers can help prevent it by buying appropriate data plans. Some providers also offer the opportunity to download at night volume-unlimited.

A real disadvantage is the satellite Internet for real-time gamers: The long distance between satellite and receiving station provides so-called latency. These delays range from 500 to 700 milliseconds, are barely visible to the human eye, but can quickly lead to game over in real time when gambling. Even with real-time services such as VoIP or terminal connections, there may be small delays.

For average users from rural areas, the satellite Internet with the right tariff is an interesting alternative. In order to find the best deal for you, you should compare the various satellite Internet providers before signing.

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