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What to do if the mold can not be eliminated?

The mold is a big burden. This applies to the home, as well as for the rented apartment. Remove the mold and live in peace is the goal of the residents. With tenants and owners, however, there are differences to note.

Owner and mold – last resort excerpt?

The homeowner has to take care of the mold removal himself. Whether the work is tackled independently or a professional solution is commissioned is ultimately a question of trust in one’s own abilities. It is time to act. If mistreated, the mold continues to spread.

First the good news. Mold removal is possible in most cases. What is the final cost of the renovation and renovation is the question. In addition, the first weeks, months and years left an uneasy feeling, whether the fungus does not return. Basically, the goal must be to permanently remove the mold. In addition, our tips and advice on prevention must be observed.

An excerpt is rarely up for debate. If the prices of a refurbishment exceed the value of the building or if the necessary finances are missing (Tip: Try a cheap modernization loan from Interhyp ), then the move to a rented apartment is to be discussed.

Tenants and mold – rights and obligations!

A mold infestation within the rental apartment represents an acute lack of rent. It raises the question who is responsible for the removal of mold. Tenant or landlord? A court is the last instance to make a decision. Because the tenant insists on a cost assumption of the landlord. This in turn refers to improper ventilation and poor hygiene in the apartment, which emanates from the tenant. The question of guilt is rarely clear to clarify.

The renter will first reduce the rent or pay with reserve until the mold removal is complete. The court will appoint an expert to clarify the question of guilt. Building defects are the responsibility of the owner. The tenant is responsible for self-inflicted floods (accident), as well as for incorrect ventilation and heating. The expert also clarifies whether the tenant has violated his duties of care.

Often the blame is shared. A combination of structural defects and wrong usage behavior caused the mold damage.

In the interest of all concerned, especially when children are concerned, a quick and healthy solution should be found. Even a temporary excerpt is to be considered as long as that Remove mold or discuss.

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