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When do the first signs of pregnancy appear?



Swelling of the breasts is one of the first signs of pregnancy

Swelling of the breasts is one of the first signs of pregnancy

the first signs of pregnancy are often very different and person-dependent. Every woman reacts differently to the changes in her body caused by the pregnancy hormone progesterone. This hormone prepares the mother’s body for the expected pregnancy. This means that the first signs of a possible pregnancy can be seen before the next menstrual period does not occur.

Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, the mother-to-be’s body is weakened, which often makes her tired. The body adjusts itself to its new task and prepares itself to concentrate its energy balance on the growing life. But here too there can be considerable differences from woman to woman. Some are full of zeal, others feel an increased need for sleep. A feeling of tightness in the chest and increased vaginal discharge are already noticeable at a very early stage of pregnancy. This is due to the improved blood circulation in the genital area.

Progesterone production responsible for the first signs of pregnancy?

As soon as the fertilized egg has implanted itself in the uterus, the production of progesterone begins. Some women already feel the first signs of pregnancy at this point. If the next menstrual period does not occur, the probability of pregnancy is high. A pregnancy test can now provide you with the necessary clarity.

Whether you are already noticing physical changes at this point in time or you are already feeling signs of malaise may not have to be the case. In many pregnant women they occur first signs of pregnancy, such as nausea, only occurs between the sixth and seventh week of pregnancy and can accompany the expectant mother up to the fourth month of pregnancy.

Pay attention to the signs of your body, it can show you the first signs of pregnancy and various changes the signals of pregnancy even before a pregnancy test from the drugstore or pharmacy. Your doctor can then clarify this unequivocally.

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