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Which temperament corresponds to your youngster?

Textual content Sabrina Forrer / Photos Isabelle Kade – [Werbung] Weleda and Waldorf training have one factor in widespread: Their founding father is Rudolf Steiner. The speculation of temperament, which has its origins in antiquity, was additionally reformed by Rudolf Steiner. He interpreted them for the lecturers at his Waldorf colleges and used them because the earliest individualization software.

Since we stay a bit Waldorf-inspired, I wish to introduce you to the speculation of temperament within the following. Everybody has components of all 4 temperaments, however certainly one of them is most pronounced.

About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetik About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetikWhich temperament corresponds to your youngster?

The Sanguine youngster is an idea-spraying Luftikus with a well-formed physique. It’s completely enthusiastic, loves journey. His life is colourful, it’s all in favour of many issues. Nevertheless, his curiosity is of a moderately superficial nature. It has moderately little will to persevere and prefers to at all times decide up new issues. It has many visions of what it wish to grow to be later. Nevertheless, this will change fairly often.

The Phlegmatic youngster could be very glad together with his life and has many mates. It has a peaceful, deliberate, and type nature. Nothing upsets the kid so rapidly. It likes routines and predictable issues. It may well spend the entire day on one factor and play with the identical toy, for instance. They like to eat and luxuriate in. Usually it’s indecisive and avoids taking duty. The kid has little self-motivation to start out issues.

The Choleric youngster is dynamic and energetic. It has a robust physique and a piercing look. It’s characterised by independence and independence. You possibly can have a very nice time with the choleric youngster when you act in keeping with your “golden rule”: do it as I need, proper now. It’s not unusual for future managers to be. The kid is aware of every little thing higher and finds it troublesome to apologize.

The Melancholy youngster is normally notably proficient, very considerate and has a deep curiosity in different folks. It reveals this by its robust empathy. It’s a dependable youngster who has an excellent sense of order and delightful issues. Disputes are sometimes averted, they wish to please their counterpart. Nevertheless, his self-confidence shouldn’t be very robust. It has a moderately lowered look and is commonly slim.

About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetik About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetikWeleda has reinterpreted the speculation of temperament …

… and developed a care vary for kids from three years. Weleda Children Bathe & Shampoo contains three completely different perfume compositions which might be associated to temperaments.

Dem Phlegmatic youngster corresponds to that inexperienced hippo. This animal spends the entire day resting or sleeping within the water. It may well solely be disturbed if its offspring is threatened or a turf warfare is approaching. A vigorous perfume composition from the important oil of lime provides the phlegmatic a refreshing bathe expertise. The scent drives away tiredness and worry, and it has a strengthening and refreshing impact.

For Choleric youngster is the orange seal finest for. Orange oil drives away interior restlessness and irritability. The nice scent takes the kid away from the hustle and bustle of on a regular basis life. It is not for nothing that orange is added to many winter fragrances – particularly in autumn and winter, the nice scent creates a comfy ambiance that could be a blessing for the choleric.

The Melancholy youngster is with that turquoise polar bears nicely suggested. The mint helps with tiredness and awakens the little kids’s spirit. The scent is so recent and superb, has a cooling and invigorating impact and even alleviates stress. Though we hardly have any melancholy temperament within the household, we love the perfume very a lot.

Dem Sanguine youngster no perfume composition is assigned per se. They may bathe throughout the vary and fall in love with all of the scents. The range is his finest good friend anyway. I’ve three kids, all of whom are most pronouncedly sanguine. And for us it is like this: We have now all three fragrances right here. The youngsters select in keeping with their temper, temper and type of day.

About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetik About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetikPure bathing enjoyable for kids

The perfume compositions are based mostly on 100% important oils and had been developed by Weleda perfumers particularly for kids’s noses. The care vary is free from artificial colours and preservatives and doesn’t include any uncooked supplies of animal origin. As at all times, Weleda has managed to develop a creamy, nice consistency that’s completely gentle to pores and skin and hair and doesn’t sting your eyes.

I might suggest that your kids scent all three fragrances within the store after which allow them to select one themselves. Definitely it would select the scent it wants proper now. It’s then thrilling for us mother and father to see whether or not this truly corresponds to the kid’s temperament.

You could be all in favour of that too

About the temperament theory and what the new kids showers from Weleda have to do with it #temperamentenlehre #weleda #naturkosmetik

This text was created in collaboration with Weleda. Nevertheless, the textual content displays our private, trustworthy opinion. Photographs with regards to educating temperaments: © Mini & Stil by Isabelle Kade

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