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Why are my Christmas Cactus Flower Buds Falling?

I’ve been trying to make my Christmas cactus look spectacular this 12 months when all of my family and friends arrive for the vacation dinner that I’m internet hosting. I assumed that I used to be doing every thing proper to have these stunning pink and crimson blooms this time, however abruptly, the buds on my plant began falling.

What Causes Christmas Cactus Flower Buds to Fall?

There are fairly just a few totally different causes that these buds can fall, however the trick to getting good blooms for the vacations is determining which one is inflicting you an issue.

A few of the causes to think about embody:

  • The sunshine that the plant receives: It is a plant that may develop nicely in direct daylight throughout the spring and the summer time, however when it turns into fall, it would do greatest in oblique mild. Beginning within the fall, the plant will want 12 midnights to bloom, so it isn’t getting the darkness that it wants, the blooms might drop. If the plant is close to a door or a window the place it will get mild throughout these occasions, even mild from a passing automotive’s headlights, it might disturb the darkness and trigger the buds to drop.
  • The temperature of the plant: It is a plant that likes cooler temperatures, so place it in a room the place the temperature is round 70 levels within the day and between 55 and 65 levels at night time. When the temperature rises above 90 levels and the buds have fashioned, they’re prone to drop due to it. Additionally, ensure that the plant is positioned in a location that isn’t going to get a draft. Issues like air vents, blowing heaters, and drafty doorways can present an excessive temperature differential, which will even trigger the buds on the plant to drop.
  • The water that you simply give to the plant: An excessive amount of water could cause the leaves of this plant to wilt, however too little water may also hinder the blooming course of by inflicting the buds to drop. The soil needs to be moist and well-drained, however earlier than it’s watered once more, make sure that the soil is dry to the contact. While you do give the plant some water, ensure that it’s room temperature in order that it doesn’t shock the plant and trigger the buds to drop or not kind in any respect. Additionally, make sure that to water the plant on the base of the soil in order that that the leaves and the buds don’t get moist within the course of.
  • The fertilizer that plant receives: Fertilizer is one other factor that may trigger the buds to drop on a Christmas cactus, particularly whether it is being fed throughout its dormant time of 12 months. The plant will be fed throughout the rising season, however not use meals throughout the fall and winter, which is the blooming season. By no means fertilize this plant when the buds are on the plant as a result of if the salt from the fertilizer will get within the buds, they’ll drop. For extra info on Christmas Cactus feeding, see this tip information right here.

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