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Why Are My Christmas Cactus Leaves Turning Yellow?

I’ve been attempting to make my Christmas cactus bloom, however my plant additionally just lately began getting yellow leaves as a substitute of the intense inexperienced ones that it’s presupposed to have. I began questioning what should be blamed for the discoloration within the leaves. Because it seems, there are a number of totally different causes {that a} Christmas cactus might get yellow leaves. Let’s check out a number of the causes and what will be completed to repair the problem.

Too A lot Solar

Though this can be a tropical plant, it is not going to are inclined to do properly in direct daylight. Full solar is acceptable throughout the spring and summer time months, however when it turns into fall, the daylight that the plant will get ought to be extra oblique. Giving the plant an excessive amount of mild will sometimes trigger the leaves to look pale, however all you must do is transfer the plant to an space the place it’s getting much less mild. In actual fact, throughout the blooming interval, it ought to have about 12 midnights a day.

Too A lot Water

Whenever you give a Christmas cactus an excessive amount of water, the roots can turn out to be too moist and get root rot. This can be a plant that doesn’t should be watered until the highest two inches of the soil is dry. As well as, throughout the dormant stage, the quantity of water that you simply give the plant ought to be decreased. Be sure that the pot that you simply use is well-draining in order that it doesn’t preserve the water trapped on the roots. In case your plant already has root rot, then you possibly can take away it from the roots. If the plant is just too broken, it might not have the ability to be saved. Root rot will look brown or black on the roots, and it might actually have a musty odor that may be overpowering. Any space that’s affected ought to be trimmed with a sterile knife that has been soaked in a mixture of bleach and water.

Not Sufficient Vitamins

This can be a plant that wants loads of magnesium throughout the rising season, so it is advisable to give it the vitamins that it wants, not simply any fertilizer. Sometimes, the leaves of this plant will flip yellow if it isn’t receiving the vitamins that it wants. To guarantee that the plant will get sufficient magnesium, you possibly can combine a teaspoon of Epsom salt with a gallon of water to present to the plant as soon as a month throughout the spring and summer time. This combination shouldn’t be given to the plant concurrently you present it with fertilizer. For extra tips about feeding your Christmas Cactus, see this text I wrote right here.

The Pot is just too Small

When a pot that the Christmas cactus is planted in turns into too small, the roots turn out to be entangled in order that they can not drain as properly. The plant will do wonderful is a considerably crowded area, however when it turns into overcrowded, it is not going to obtain the vitamins that it must develop, which is why the leaves flip yellow. This can be a plant that won’t should be repotted greater than as soon as each two to a few years. After the plant is repotted, don’t give it fertilizer for a few month.

For extra data on tips on how to develop and care on your Christmas Cactus, see this text right here.

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