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Winter elopement inspiration from the prettiest hidden Italian temple …

From Natascia Zignani

The guidelines for this editorial were stylish, chic, and sophisticated. And above all “Italian”.

We are an Italian team, we coming from different parts of Italy. One of us lives in the US, but all of us love this country so much and are willing to show its incredible secret beauty. That’s why we chose this outstanding little church, built in a cave and surrounded by uncontaminated nature. An enchanted place where time seems to stand still, a venue where a man has built a precious jewel.

The balance between the colors of nature and the work of men inspired our palette. We used white, blush hues and a special touch of opal gray to remained the natural elements in the cave: travertine marble, the stone wall and the outstanding and charming reflections of light on our couple.

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