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Wrap Christmas presents nicely with DIY wrapping paper


Beautiful gift packaging is almost as important as the right Christmas gifts. With these simple DIY potato stamps on wrapping paper, I’ll show you how to wrap your Christmas presents nicely.

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I love to wrap gifts nicely and I am always happy when someone has made an effort and put a lot of love into it. Plain wrapping paper made of wrapping paper is super easy to embellish with self-made stamps.

For the DIY wrapping paper you need the following material:

  • Brown wrapping paper, e.g. Givande from IKEA **
  • large potatoes
  • black color
  • Brush, knife and documents
  • Cookie cutter
  • Dremel Lite with accessory set * with engraving attachment

Step by step instructions

#1st step: Halve the potato so that the stamp area is as large as possible.

2nd step: Insert the cookie cutter into the potato half and cut away any excess.

3rd step: Engrave fine lines in the potato stamp with the engraving attachment of the Dremel Lite. Alternatively, you can engrave a pattern directly with the Dremel Lite.

4th step: Spread a thin layer of paint on the potato stamp and stamp on the wrapping paper. Leave enough time to dry and then you can wrap your gift in the DIY wrapping paper.

With a knife, the fine lines would have been much more difficult. The Dremel Lite works wirelessly and is great for carving stamps. As a practical multifunctional tool, you can use it for many different applications and DIY projects. In addition to engraving, the accessory set also includes other attachments for numerous options, such as grinding, polishing or carving.

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How do you pack your Christmas presents?

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